Pottermore is bloody well AMAZING!!!


Okay, so I must say, at first I was less than dazzled by the experience. I had been waiting since the second day of the "Magical Quill Challenge" for my welcome email, and was so very far beyond just excited that I  had really built up some unbelievably magical experience in my mind by the time I received it, and was almost disappointed in the reality. However, I have found that the site greatly improves as you navigate it. It could use music though!

There are loads of new tidbits about characters, production, publication, set design, creatures, bits and bobs......and on and on....that is completely new for the hopeful and increasingly happy explorer. It really becomes exciting when you finally make it to Diagon Alley! Once there you will be able to purchase school supplies and even a beasty. The graphics from here on are truly magical and the information offered is staggering in detail. (From here, there be spoilers)