I, in my super awesome geekitudiness...


would like to say I am stoked beyond all reason about the upcoming release of ANONYMOUS...
see trailer here:  http://www.anonymous-movie.com/  ...if your mouth is not seriously agape imediately afterward, then...well, you just don't get it. Furthermore, I have more to express my excitement about:

The release of Breaking Dawn pt1 on November 18th! It is only five days beyond my hatching day, and it is all I want for my gift. See trailer here: http://www.breakingdawn-themovie.com/ and you'll totally understand.

The release of the final book for Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle on November 8th.  For more info, click here:  www.shurtugal.com/

Busch Gardens' Howl O' Scream is about to begin! For more info, click here:  http://howloscream.com/williamsburg/homepage.aspx

The ECHNA Ghost Walk in Elizabeth City NC is almost here! For more info, click here:  http://www.historicghostwalk.org/

Oh, and my Creative writing professor said I have "a natural writing ability". ^___________^