JK Rowling's "Pottermore"


If you have not heard about Rowling's new Pottermore project then go there...


Now, isn't this exciting?!? I think it is. So much so in fact that I have an alarm set on my phone for July 31st. I really want a shot at being one of the few allowed in early. I also get downright giddy over mention of July 15th's HP7 Deathly Hallows pt2 release. Yes, I already have my tickets for the 12:01am showing at Lynnhaven AMC on IMAX 3D!

So, I'm back again.


After a well deserved period of sloth-like behavior, I have decided to use this and my WordPress.com listing as mirrored accounts. WordPress looks prettier on my phone (and there's an app. for that). But, more importantly, I've decided to start posting and writing again because my slight skills in authoress mode have dulled without use and I will need them more than ever when school starts back on August 16th.

So, for the next few lines or so, I will be writing in my excitedly complaining voice.