JK Rowling's "Pottermore"

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If you have not heard about Rowling's new Pottermore project then go there...


Now, isn't this exciting?!? I think it is. So much so in fact that I have an alarm set on my phone for July 31st. I really want a shot at being one of the few allowed in early. I also get downright giddy over mention of July 15th's HP7 Deathly Hallows pt2 release. Yes, I already have my tickets for the 12:01am showing at Lynnhaven AMC on IMAX 3D!

   *_* so sad though, I must soon bid my ALWAYS beloved Snape adieu. sniff.

If you have read this and are shaking your head sadly at my absolute sillyness and childlike enthusiasm and delight in such prospects as Pottermore, then ...


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