Oi, am I a SLACKER!

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It's been ages since I've been up here. Well, I finally got to register for courses at ECSU. I am currently set for 6 classes at 18 credit hours. I wanted to do an overload, but the pickings are rediculously thin at this point. This is even more the case since one can not overload until the very day before school begins (which is the 16th btw) and there will likely be absolutely nothing left at all then. Regardless, my schedule stands as follows:
  • Traditional Grammar
  • Advanced Composition
  • Children's Literature
  • English Literature I
  • Writing for Stage, Film and TV
  • Oral Interpretation of Literature
Strangely, when I registered, the advisor asked if I was quite sure I wanted to take nothing but English classes. Being an English Major advised by an English Professor, I really don't get the question. Oh well.

Also, I have decided that I am not keeping my options as open as I should career-wise. I may end up positively detesting teaching bratty teens on the cusp of 20something and even the 20somethings. I have NO desire to teach teens at all (they irritate my delicate sensitivities) and middle-schoolers are not much better, but children...
I've decided that's certainly the ticket after all. I would love to teach adults and young adults as well as the bright-shiny-eager-little-beasties of elementary (primary) grades. As such, I am going to need to take on as many of the Elementary Education courses as possible while I am dashing toward my master's over the next 4 years. If I can get even 6 of the courses for that bachelor's out of the way, then I'll be able to finish it out in only 3 semesters. Then I'll be able to teach everyone except children under 5 and those in middle school (which, for the record, must be quite a stressful and hard-fought age group to deal with since it requires a totally different bachelor's  for middle school).

Oh, and here's the gripe to clutter up  the fields of happy in my life; I was sent an email stating my financial aid had be credited and I could pick up my books on the 5th. Lies! I got up at the crack of dawn and waited over an hour outside the bookstore before the clerk arrived late and informed all of us that the system they used for the books would not be operational until the 10th. Bloody Hell!!!! Now I'll have to show even earlier as everyone who's accounts have cleared by the 9th will be there too. Grrrr and whatnot!


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