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I Got An Early Access POTTERMORE Account!!!

The Deathly Hallows p2 was brilliant!

Alan Rickman's performance as the Half-Blood Prince's tale is explored was beautifully tragic and worth every tear it stole from me.

Snape was my favorite from the first book to the eighth and Rickman did not disappoint. Here's a snippet from an interview with him:

What has it been like playing an emotionally complex, ambiguous character over these years? Has it been satisfying? Daunting? Both?
Well, it's always rewarding to play people who are complicated because that tests your acting machinery and places you right inside a great piece of storytelling because great storytelling needs ambiguous characters. It needs people where the audience and the readers don't quite know what they're about. So, there's a certain 'who-done-it' quality or 'who-thunk-it' or 'who-done-what-to-him.' And it helps you to be very concentrated. I respond to what there is on the page and what there was on the page was news to me every time we got to a new script.

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