So, I'm back again.

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After a well deserved period of sloth-like behavior, I have decided to use this and my listing as mirrored accounts. WordPress looks prettier on my phone (and there's an app. for that). But, more importantly, I've decided to start posting and writing again because my slight skills in authoress mode have dulled without use and I will need them more than ever when school starts back on August 16th.

So, for the next few lines or so, I will be writing in my excitedly complaining voice.

I was naturally accepted at the local university, E.C.S.U., for the fall after my graduation from C.O.A. with a lovely 3.9 GPA, 80 credit hours, and freshly acquired AA degree. The cool thing is, even though the school was certainly not my first choice for any reason other than convenience, it does have creative writing as a concentration option for my major. The crappy thing is that I have other schools, including various UNC schools, offering me extremely generous sums of money for attending them. ECSU is offering me the PELL grant and 500 bucks for aid outside of student loans. I feel insulted, but I can't afford a long drive at this time. So far, I have liked every person I have met during my campus quests for a better understanding of why I feel like I am being screwed. According to my student banner info, I only have 43 credits transferring and am classified as a sophomore. GASP!!!! Well, after yet another journey to admissions, I discovered that my final transcript never made it to them. I had it sent again.

Meanwhile, I had to undergo the list of shots that weren't required when I was younger. Ow. This process required me to complete a quest for my childhood immunization records. I found what I needed after a trip to the local health department, who sent me to the local school board, who sent me to the local high school I had attended for 4 years before dropping out from sheer boredom and settling for a GED. The folks at the first two stops were very pleasant and helpful. The battle axe at Northeastern High School was rude, unfriendly, hateful, and apparently far too busy talking to her son about how he should redecorate his living room to be bothered by a worthless old dropout like me. Bitch.

So, having braved the beast, I returned to the health department for verification of my health. One TDAP, MMR, and Meningitis shot later I was accepted as "safe" and given my updated records for admission. For the benefit of future shot victims: MMR burns for about a minute, but leaves you feeling like someone stuck a marble under your skin, Meningitis leaves you sore for about 36 hours, and TDAP leaves you sore for about three days. Oh, and do not read the side-effect info sheets unless you experience problems. It'll just give you something else to fret over otherwise.

Now back to ECSU for more reasons to whine in much confused irritation. As it turns out, my credits for Creative Writing from COA will be transferring as some General Education elective. This means I still have to take Creative Writing, which I would have no problem at all with were it not for the fact that it is only offered in the spring. I have four Creative Writing courses I must complete for my concentration requirements. Creative Writing is the pre-req. for the other three (poetry, film/tv/stage, and fiction). As such, I will now have to wait until spring to take the pre-req. and then will have to take two in the following fall to graduate on time. Added to this distress, my British Lit. I and II will transfer as World Lit. I and II, my World Lit. I will be dropped, and my American Lit. II will transfer as American Lit. II. Since my final transcripts are still sitting on the adviser's desk (she is on vacation now) I have no idea how or if my Women's Lit will transfer.

Next problem.

Yay!!! There are other English Majors here! Oh.....CRAP!!! There are other English Majors here.

That's right, all courses for majors are offered in set semesters and only at one-shot-per-course for the ascribed semester. I have to have American Lit. because I had no room for it at COA (even with my course overload approvals one can only stuff so much in). Naturally, the only offering of it is already at negative 3 seats. I don't even get to register until the 15th of July. Also, the only offering for Advanced Composition conflicts with the only offering for French I. Both are required for me. Traditional Grammar has only two seats left. One must pass Traditional Grammar before Advanced Grammar. Both are requirements. Both are only offered in the fall.

My only hope to finish my bachelors in two years and transfer for my masters is heavily luck based and greatly dependant on cleverness and ass-kissing. If American Lit. II transfers as itself, then there is no logical reason American Lit. I would not transfer identically as itself (I still don't have the foggiest why British Lit. doesn't), and, therefore, if I can hook myself into the Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:45 American Lit. I course offered at COA this fall, the credits earned from that should equally transfer so I will not be delayed in my educational journey. However, I am heavily blessed/cursed by my grandmother's Irish blood. The reason the Irish have such a wide variety of lucky charms and tales of wicked trickster faeries is because luck is not something we come by naturally. It's true, the little known reality of "Luck o' the Irish" is that it's not referring to "Good" luck. Beyond luck I have ass-kissing. Again, Irish and to easily irritated to suffer through much of that. Which leaves cleverness. Well, that is something the Irish do have ^_~

I suppose I'll just have to keep pushing forward and claw my way to East Carolina and my Masters and, eventually, my ever-so-sparkly PHD.

In the midst of all this:

I have finally caught up on some of my favorite...

shows: Being Human (Brit and US), Camelot, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Big Bang Theory, and ABDC

books: The Spiderwick Chronicles, JK Rowling's Unauthorised Biography, The Monster's Ring, and Mrs. Dalloway

And... I am working toward/through...

shows: Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven, Dr. Who (waiting less than patiently), Pretty Little Liars

books: The Edge Chronicles, Guide to Teaching Harry Potter, Now Write! fiction writing exercises


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