Once again I have proven my absolute slackertudiness! (it is a word if I so will it!)

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So, updates first...

I have completed yet another semester (at ECSU this time though) with a 4.0 again. I can only hope, at this point, that the demands of educational awesomeness will eventually require enough effort on my part to keep me awake. I don't have high hopes. Next semester should be better. I have French and two creative writing classes. For now, I have three weeks of Christmas vacation to dawdle through. I will be spending Christmas Eve, Day, and Boxing Day enjoying all that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer. Yay! It's exciting to escape everything for a change. I've never been a fan of Christmas, but with all the pressure being removed by the simple act of removing my self and my cuddle-bug (husband) from the pressure-cooker pot of expectation, I have certainly become merrier than anyone imagined I was ever really capable of. Beyond that, I've taken up Bento, Archery, and a distopian book obsession. *LOL, spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "distopian" yet.

BTW, found this nifty review site for YA books...if you're into that genre...which I naturally am as I hope to become a writer of such. Anyway: HERE

From the last post:

Anonymous was simply fabulous. The wit! Oh, the wit. Ben Jonson and the lot constantly going back and forth nipping at each other's authorial heels. Oh, and the tears. I cried multiple times during the film. I give it an A++ and must see rating. A note before you drag friends along: I was the only one in the theatre laughing at all the funny bits. The few others in the audience did tend to catch on after a few seconds of my giggles and guffaws and would confusedly but goodnaturedly add to it.

Breaking Dawn was also amazing. The reviews for it were mostly dead on. It kept with the text quite well, even through the more gory and ghastly bits. I think it's strange that so many fans of the printed series were appalled by the degree of grizzly footage of the pregnancy's progression and the birth sequence. I just don't get it. What were these people expecting? Did we all read the same book?

I have the new Inheritance cycle book, but have yet to read it for one distressing reason. As good as the previous books were, I honestly don't remember how the last one ended at all. I remember being furious about it, but that's it really. I guess that's what happens when you wait so bloody long to publish. Anyway, I'll be updating about this as soon as I have worked out the kinks and slogged through the last of it.

I can not wait for next year's Howl O' Scream! This year it was magnificent. I mean pure magic, magnificent. I was given so many delightful frights and shivers of all sorts. My favorite maze was the Catacombs in France. The sounds the skeletons made were so creeptastic. Phenomenal work, really. We ended up opting for Quick Que passes two weekends in a row (those are about $50 a piece, but allow you into the mazes as many times as you fancy without lines) and rambled through the mazes in a heavy rotation. I even ran the gauntlet that was the Fear Fair clown house multiple times! I highly recommend the experience!

The ECHNA Ghost Walk was great. At least, what we saw of it was. My cuddle-bug and I have jobs that prevent our gallivanting on both Friday and Saturday. We tend to have to choose one or the other. The GW is set for two nights because the lines are too long for a person to make it through every performance in one. We only had Saturday, so we missed about four locations.

More to come....stay tuned!


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