Yay 2012!

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The planet made it through another year. Not a bad year for me (though some certainly attempted to make it unpleasant) and hopefully not a bad one for you either. This new year is off to an excellent start, which gives me the highest of hopes that it may trump all my other years by the time it ends. I've just begun a new semester at ECSU, I have very little in my life that is truely irritating, I am eating healthier and enjoying doing so, I am actually learning oodles of nifty bits about life, the universe, and everything, and I have lots of opportunities to go super-cool places where I can absorb centuries of awesomness.

I started my new semester at ECSU today. I am taking six classes (they wouldn't let me take more because they can't charge you for anything exceeding 18 credit hours); 3.5 of which I had today, including Advanced Grammar, French I, Literary Criticism, and Creative Writing: The Short Story--that was the half a class that only qualifies as a .5 because it's online. Amusingly, I have a feeling Literary Criticism will become my favorite of the semester. If I ever get around to writing about any of the books I'm reading here, you'll understand why.

I have made three new years resolutions for 2012:
  •  Make/eat a bento box lunch 4 days a week
  • Write something/anything for at least 30mins a day 5 days a week
  • Read at least 1 non-academic book a month


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